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Griffith Area News Brochure Insert 26/7/2019 and Leeton Irrigator Brochure Insert 26/7/2019

Promotion of 2.2KW roof top solar system installed to villa during construction.
6 months fee free.
Save thousands before price rise.

Terms and Conditions of Offer:

Available to remaining available stage 10 allotments only. Stage 10 Allotments available as of 26/7/2019 are 185, 186,187, 188 and 152.
Deposits must be made by the 30th of August.
Villa price on undeposited alotments in stage 10 increase on 31st August 2019
Bonus 2.2kw solar system offer is only available on new villas deposited in stage 10.
Fee free for 6 months offer only available if home is settled in full with 60 days of completion of construction.
Above information and offers current as of 26/7/2019.