Griffith Retirement Estate is a vibrant community made up of people from all walks of life with their own unique stories. This page features residents stories detailing their decision to move to Griffith Retirement Estate and life since.


Meet Keith & Margaret

“It’s a big family atmosphere. That’s the greatest thing about being here.”

Keith & Margaret’s Story

Keith and Margaret downsized from a large home and garden. “We were kind of pioneers. We were the first residents in here. We wanted to travel and not have the responsibility of all the home maintenance.” In their time at the estate they have been very active members of the community and have seen it grow around them. “There is something to do every day. You never get bored. There are always friends about.” Having more time free has also allowed them to pursue other community activities outside of the Estate. “We volunteer at Meals on Wheels as well.”


Meet Geoff & Leslie

“It’s a wonderful lifestyle. You are in a caring community.”

Geoff & Leslie’s Story

Geoff and Leslie are tree changers deciding to leave the city and return to the country “The city is a young person’s environment. Older people just become invisible. We had friends in Griffith so we thought it would be a nice place to retire to.” Although Geoff and Leslie are not yet fully retired, they still enjoy the many activities on offer. Leslie loves to paint and do art in the community centre. “We are also very involved in the community vegetable garden. You can socialise as much or as little as you like. It’s fun.”


Meet Mary

“I feel like I am on holidays all the time.”

Mary’s Story

Mary struggled to cope looking after the family home along with her unwell husband. He suggested they look at Griffith Retirement Estate but unfortunately passed away before moving in. Mary followed through with the move “Downsizing was the best thing I ever did.” Mary loves the lifestyle she has found at Griffith Retirement Estate. “It’s like I am living in a resort. I love the atmosphere. I have made terrific friends”. Mary also loved that the Estate was pet friendly and was able to bring her beloved cat “I didn’t want to leave her behind. It’s a very big plus.”


Meet Peter & Yvonne

“We enjoy the friendships and the very relaxed lifestyle. It’s a great way to live.”

Peter and Yvonne’s Story

Peter and Yvonne felt it was time to transition out of the family farm to allow their son to take over. “We thought about buying an apartment in town, but realised as we aged it probably wouldn’t be long before we needed to move again”. Griffith Retirement Estate was exactly what they were looking for, especially as Peter still travels to the family farm each day to assist his son. “Being here, Yvonne has friends around her and is not on her own all day.” Yvonne loves the community atmosphere and activities at the Estate. “I enjoy the aqua-aerobics at the pool. I never had time to do anything like that before. I can just wander over to the community centre when I feel like it. There is always something to do and someone to talk to.”

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